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Product thats right for you: Our product line is extensive. We can suit the needs from beginner to pro. Just starting? Heading to World Cup? No problem. Our sales and tech staff are also players who can provide the information you need to get the right gear.

How much gear do we sell? We are not going to give away all the details. We can tell you we sell 30 million paintballs per year. If you placed these paintballs end to end, thats almost 4000 miles of paintballs!

Feel comfortable with us: When you walk into a Paintball Wizard Store, you will be greeted by a knowledgeable member of our staff. They will listen to your needs and provide for you the best product necessary for your needs. They are not driven by sales because they do not work on commission. Our store is well stocked with a wide variety of product to select from.

Paintball Wizard has a retail store located in Massachusetts. Check out the details in our contact link.

Thank you for choosing Paintball Wizard, Inc.

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